Hand braided parachute cord reins

HAND BRAIDED PARACHUTE CORD REINS - They come in a 12 Braid (5/8" diameter) & a 16 Braid ( 3/4" diameter), in a Loop Rein, Split Rein ( standard 6' length - but can be braided any length) in a variety of colours and patterns. These reins have feel, they are durable, great for wet weather & they are washable. We can vary the tension when braiding, to give you a softer feeling rein or a rein with more life. There are a number of ways you can attach them - with Slobber Straps, with Rein Snaps or Clips, or you can simply loop them through themselves and attach straight to the bit(these come with leather wear cover  & are pictured below in blue & grey).

FLAT BRAID FUTURITY REINS - These are pictured in the middle right of page, they are an 8 plait Flag Cord with button attatchment & Poppers. They are approx. 1 1/4" wide, they are also great wet weather gear & washable.

   16pcord02.JPG    16pcordrein01.JPG    16pcord_hh01.JPG    12pcord01.JPG 

 Standard 16 Braid Split Reins with Shaped Slobber Straps


 16 Braid Split Reins with Rawhide Pineapple Knots, Horse Hair Tassles, Shaped & Stamped Slobbers & Poppers with Rawhide ring knots

 7ft 16 Braid Split reins with Rein Snap attatchment &Gaucho Knot, Horse Hair Tassles

 Standard 12 Braid Split Reins with Shaped Slobber Straps


   12p_loop.JPG   12p_loopthru.JPG   roperein01.JPG  futurityr01.JPG

 8ft 12 Braid Loop Rein (Roper) with Shaped Slobber Straps -

Length adjustable


 12 Braid Loop attach. Split Reins (no slobbers needed-the rein feeds through loop for attachment)

 ECONOMY ROPE REINS - 12mm Yacht Rope with straight Slobbers, Pineapple Knot & Poppers

 FLAT FUTURITY REINS - 8 Braid flag cord, Button Attatchment & Poppers


 8ft 12 Braid Loop Rein (Roper) with Shaped Slobber Straps - Length adjustable




  16 Braid Loop rein with shaped & stamped Slobber Straps - Rawhide Knot & Horse Hair Tassle



 6ft 12 Braid Split Rein  with Shaped Slobber Straps - Horse Hair Tassles



 12 Braid Split Reins-Shaped Slobber Straps with Roo Applique